Firefighter LODD

Firefighter fatalities reported by the U.S. Fire Administration in 2023: 59

Full reports: Firefighter LODD Report

Open Burn Regulations

Open Burning is Prohibited, May 1 to September 30

  • Campfires, no larger than three feet in diameter by two feet in height and used for cooking purposes, are EXEMPT from these prohibitions, provided they are no closer than 50 feet from a structure.
  • Portable fire pits and chimneas ARE ALLOWED and are not considered open burning if operated within manufacturer's specifications.
  • All fire pits must continue to have a wire mesh cover to control sparks, a mechanism to extinguish the fire, be attended at all times, limited to clean seasoned woon, and shall not create a nuisance. 
For full details and calendar year restrictions: Loudoun County Open Burning Regulations

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